41. A Proposal is Readied for the Curriculum Council

“Right now we provide students answers for which they have no questions. The challenge is to create conditions that stimulate curiosity, resulting in lasting and meaningful learning.”

32. Impact of the Subject Area Mastery in Language Arts

These schools recognize that how to read, write, and mathematically compute is critical to everything else in the curriculum. These skills are essential to communicate and create. The ability to read, write, and calculate helps us become better citizens, family members, and workers.

23. Teacher Accountability is Both Essential and Multi-Layered

Teachers need the support of other teachers to help them improve everything from classroom management/discipline, to enlightening students academically, to stimulating their intellectual and emotional growth.

13. Translating Knowledge and Beliefs into Real Public-School Settings and Actions

Mastery means a student is fundamentally changed as evidenced by differences in perspective and behavior. It is not achieved quickly but requires soak time and reflection.

10. Teacher Accountability as a Function of Academic Conviction, Depth and Purpose

The most challenging part is becoming more professionally assertive than I believed possible. To overcome my feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability in the face of change.