35. Subject Area Mastery: Reasoning as Well as Performing

Maybe language allows for the exploration of subtleties and innovative ideas. But math is only a tool to explain or verify. It appears creativity is being pushed to the forefront of our district’s mastery statement.

26. Transformation Requires Leaving a Comfort Zone and Exploring the Unknown

Everything in human learning depends on communication. Science and math are no exception. Numbers, symbols, problem solving equations, research strategies, construction, and virtually everything else depends on being able to understand others through language.  

10. Teacher Accountability as a Function of Academic Conviction, Depth and Purpose

The most challenging part is becoming more professionally assertive than I believed possible. To overcome my feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability in the face of change.

9. Curricular Precison: Tools and Skills in the New Learning Infrastructure

The unit outcome provides an overview of the complete intention for student learning. It connects all elements in ways that show they are contiguous and mutually necessary.