43. A Proposal from the Language Arts SAC is Readied for the Curriculum Council

Schools that gave prior attention to achieving student mastery through well-constructed local curricula, linked to compatible instructional processes, maintained student learning during the pandemic. Their teachers had been thoroughly involved in all aspects of curricular content, instructional design, and assessment of student learning. Such involvement provided a solid instructional platform when they were forced to use online instruction.

41. A Proposal is Readied for the Curriculum Council

“Right now we provide students answers for which they have no questions. The challenge is to create conditions that stimulate curiosity, resulting in lasting and meaningful learning.”

39. Connecting Tangibility and Creativity to Make Learning a Change in Behavior (or to Think About It)

My kids did their assignments. But they were almost lifeless in terms of academic growth. And they were unable to tell me what, if anything, they were getting out of school.