41. A Proposal is Readied for the Curriculum Council

“Right now we provide students answers for which they have no questions. The challenge is to create conditions that stimulate curiosity, resulting in lasting and meaningful learning.”

39. Connecting Tangibility and Creativity to Make Learning a Change in Behavior (or to Think About It)

My kids did their assignments. But they were almost lifeless in terms of academic growth. And they were unable to tell me what, if anything, they were getting out of school.

35. Subject Area Mastery: Reasoning as Well as Performing

Maybe language allows for the exploration of subtleties and innovative ideas. But math is only a tool to explain or verify. It appears creativity is being pushed to the forefront of our district’s mastery statement.

32. Impact of the Subject Area Mastery in Language Arts

These schools recognize that how to read, write, and mathematically compute is critical to everything else in the curriculum. These skills are essential to communicate and create. The ability to read, write, and calculate helps us become better citizens, family members, and workers.