32. Impact of the Subject Area Mastery in Language Arts

These schools recognize that how to read, write, and mathematically compute is critical to everything else in the curriculum. These skills are essential to communicate and create. The ability to read, write, and calculate helps us become better citizens, family members, and workers.

31. Subject Area Mastery Statement – Structure for Discussion

A social dance we perform with each other until something unexpected intercedes. Or insight and reflection give us a different perspective. We authentically change our outlook and behavior because something in our brain is triggered internally.

26. Transformation Requires Leaving a Comfort Zone and Exploring the Unknown

Everything in human learning depends on communication. Science and math are no exception. Numbers, symbols, problem solving equations, research strategies, construction, and virtually everything else depends on being able to understand others through language.  

23. Teacher Accountability is Both Essential and Multi-Layered

Teachers need the support of other teachers to help them improve everything from classroom management/discipline, to enlightening students academically, to stimulating their intellectual and emotional growth.